Exhibitors Information

This show is open to Galleries, Artists and Art Groups

How to apply to exhibit at the fair. Click here to complete the application form.

Pricing – for a full list of pricing for each stand or panels click here.

Commissions Galleries: There is no commission for Galleries if they take their own payments.

Commissions Artist or Art Groups : Artists and Art Groups will be charged 18% sales commission. The commission is taken to cover costs of handing the credit card payments and the balance goes towards the School Swimming Pool Fund. ALL non gallery sales MUST be made through the organisers team via the Sales and Packing desk.

Q: Can we hang the work for you? A: Yes we can hang you work in your absence but there a small hanging fee involved (See Pricing section). You do not need to attend the show but you must advise the organisers in advance and supply suitable information to allow us to close any sales for you.

How to hang work on the panels – you can use you own hanging system or screw fittings directly to the board.

Q: Can you arrange prints off my work? A: Yes we have our own dedicated and fully qualified print team that can scan and print works to your specification. For pricing and further information contact our team directly by visiting their website at: Fine Art Services

Q: Who can apply? A: All galleries can apply but we would need to know the types of work that they intend to showcase. Artists will have to be vetted by our curation team to ensure that a very high standard of works is maintained and that the value of work is suitable. As a guidance works under £250 are not accepted and works of a sexual explicit or overtly political nature will not be allowed as this venue is open to young children.

Q: What are the Hanging Dates: A: All artwork MUST be installed by the 9pm on the 4th September 2019. If you would like access on the 3rd September 2019 this can be arranged on application but the build of the stand will still be going on until late.

Q: Can I sell cards and craft items? A: No this is a high end art fair not a craft show you can have a limited supply of prints in a browser (see Browsers section).

Q: Can I use a browser on my stand? If you require browsers space then we will allocate one browser per shell space which all artist from that space can share so we would suggest 3-4 pieces from each artist maximum. If you have purchased a shell then we would only allow one browser within that space. Plinths for 3D works will be allocated to a dedicated 3D area.

Q What type of Panels are supplied? A: The panels are 3m tall x 1.2m wide. This year we will be suppling the panels in bare wood. the colour of the wood is a light beech / Obeche colour and you can make fixings directly to the panel using screws or hangers (Fixings are not supplied).

Q: Can I show prints? A: You cannot hang prints unless they either traditional etching or relief prints. Giclee prints can be hung if they are enhanced by hand to make them unique but you can offer prints in a browser and hang if framed and presented to a Fine Art Trade Guild standard.

Curators Guidelines: Each picture must be hung within 50mm or 2″ space around including edges to the panel. Every effort will made to place artists in complimentary groups to best show their work.

Q: Can I choose an individual panel(s)? A: No, as this show is curated we will place your work within the zones available in order that they will compliment with your fellow artist. You can ask for a Zone (see floor plan) but we reserve the right to place you as fits best for the overall appearance.

Q: Are the pictures insured? A: No but the building is insured not individual artworks. You are responsible for insuring your work.

Q: Do we need to have Public Liability cover? A: NO you are covered under our policy.

Venue Address: New Beacon Centre, New Beacon School, Sevenoaks TN13 2PB

Timing information:

5th Sept – Daytime Private Preview for New Beacon Parents and guests plus Private View and Press Night event from 6pm

6th Sept – Daytime Private Preview for New Beacon Parents and guests plus Open to Public 5 – 8pm

7th Sept – Open to Public from 11am – 6pm

8th Sept – Open to Public from 11am – 2pm

Breakdown of the show begins at 2pm and NOT before as this is disrespectful to other exhibitors. You must be clear of the venue by 9pm on Sunday the 8th September.

Hotels: There are a couple of hotel near the events site and plenty of hotels in Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells (approx 20min drive)

New Premier Inn – Hitchen Hatch Ln, Sevenoaks TN13 3BE – 01732 496392

Donnington Manor Hotel = 4-star Hotel – London Rd, Dunton Green, Sevenoaks TN13 2TD – 01732 462681