Exhibiting Artists 2019

2019 Exhibitors Listing

Contact details for all exhibiting artists at this year’s show.

Boyana is the 2019 Winner of the Jorge Aguilar-Agon Student Artist Award.

In her series of watercolour and acrylic paintings ‘Tribe’ Boyana Aleksova portrays the tribe Huli from Papua New Guinea. This particular tribe is the subject of her series because of the saturated colours of their masks and body paints. Through this experimentation she pushes the boundaries of watercolour until she takes the “water” out and leaves “colour” as the name of this new medium. By concentrating on the colour saturation and facial expressions, Aleksova has tried to portray the tradition and emotion of this tribe into these almost photographic images.

Aleksova has exhibited in various group shows in Bulgaria and the UK including a solo show in 2016. She’s also a part of The New Masters – a group of young Bulgarian painters whose goal is to make art more accessible to the public through organising group shows and creating public artworks.



facebook: boyanaaleksovaart

instagram: boyana.aleksova


Lucy is most at home in paint-spattered dungarees at her farm studio on the outskirts of Tunbridge Wells. She has been selling her paintings for over 10 years now. Lucy enjoys working with her clients to create a bespoke painting that perfectly fits the space in which they want it to sit and which will complement and enhance their home or office interior.  

She has created paintings for many individuals and families but also for companies such as Brewin Dolphin Investment Bank, Berry & Lamberts solicitors and Chevron Oil.


facebook: artylucy

twitter: artbylucy

instagram: artyluc

linkedin: lucy-ames-21061512


07880 667983

Since 2000 Caroline Anderson has divided her professional time between painting in her studio in Kent, and in practice as a creative arts psychotherapist in Sussex and more recently in Kent as well.

After studying art in Paris, and living on Sark C.I. where Caroline sold her paintings and drove a horse and trap, the decision was made to return to London to study silversmithing and enamelling. (City and Guilds distinction winner). However, the influence of Sark’s sea and sky reflections remains influential in her art. It was this force plus the influence of Buddhist philosophy which led to the interest in the relationship between this, birth – death – rebirth, and the psychological trauma of life. The universal connecting force of nature, water is depicted in the three themed painting headings which were produced and exhibited between 2016 – 2018. Recently the interest has developed into exploration of self as water reflections of the sun and moon. The mixed mediums of gauge, watercolour and acrylic remain unaltered although the layering and use of suger is experimental.  

It was whilst teaching enamelling with silversmithing plus art and design that my interest grew in the relationship between art and psychological development. Several degrees later I qualified as a creative arts psychotherapist.

The decision to qualify as a creative arts psychotherapist was and still is based on the belief that the verbal recounting of a trauma can be as traumatic as the event itself. Therefore, by specialising in art,sand play, and puppets, ‘transitional objects’ the client is facilitated to explore their thoughts and feelings through the mediums (non – verbal communication) without the demand of verbal communication.

I am a member of the Royal Academy of Art and study life drawing classes once a month. Membership is also held with The Pure Arts Society, Hastings Arts Forum and Weald of Kent Arts Society.

Caroline Anderson M.A.  M.A. MBACP. MBPS. UKRC. BSc (hons psychology). CertEd. AIST. PTUK.



07747 894493

I have been making art since graduating from Newport Art School, University of Wales, in 1986. The multi-disciplinary Fine Art course nurtured in me a love of sculpture and photography. I have been teaching these since 1990, and over the years have supported 1000’s of students on their path to University and careers in the creative professions.

Whilst endeavouring to push my own skills further I have turned to painting in recent years.

My 1st major exhibition was a result of a project started in  January 2016, working on a series of large scale portraits.

We all view faces very differently, attraction to one is not the same for everybody. Faces tell a story, and as we age they become engrained with our experiences of life. I am fascinated by laughter lines and furrowed brows. I like to imagine the character of the person and what colours would portray their personality.

Most of my subjects are known to me and I try to give something of their character to the viewer, through composition, colour, pose or use of line.

A trip to Borneo in 2017 inspired me to paint the orangutans I worked with there and a subsequent partnership with the National Geographic photographer Wiwik Astutik has enabled me to continue this work.

Another source of inspiration more recently has been the Ashdown Forest Llama Park. The quirky character of those animals never ceases to make me smile.

My love of painting has grown and has now become a passion.

Currently, I have regular commission work and exhibit throughout Sussex. 



07557 3940

I am a Print maker who creates one off Mono prints of atmospheric Seascapes. I teach Printing techniques to Adults from my Studio in Sissinghurst and regularly exhibit in Galleries and Art Fairs in Kent and East Sussex and sometimes in London.


+44 07877 477422

Facebook / Instagram / Pintrest: Amanda Averillo


Winner of the 2019 Fine Art Trade Guild Artist Exhibition – Best In Show.

Silvia was born in Bulgaria and has travelled the world, settling in Australia and more recently in England. Silvia is a qualified Architect in two countries. Her art was born from her work as an interior designer, in her quest to find unique paintings to complement her bold design vision for the spaces she was creating.

In a pursuit to express beyond architectural boundaries, her art is bold, bright and visually striking. Her large-scale paintings with their organic composition and intense colours seem to have a luminous glow and an ethereal mystical harmony.

As a relative newcomer to the English art scene, Silvia recently won Best in Show for the Fine Art Trade Guild annual exhibition and was a finalist for the Guild Society Up and Coming Artist of the Year.

Silvia’s paintings have also been selected for the prestigious Society of Women Artists 2019 Annual Exhibition and will be displayed in the Mall Galleries in London. 

Silvia is represented in several international galleries in England and Bulgaria. She largely works on private commissions and collaborates with architects and designers on private and commercial projects to create space-specific statement artworks with a wow factor.


07465 469 009

facebook: silviaboevdesign

instagram: @silviaboevdesign


Based in East Sussex and inspired by the beautiful downland, forests and coastline around Southern England, the changing of the seasons in all sorts weather is the subject of Nichola’s work using gestural brushstrokes and ink splatters to take us to imagined places.

Using lightfast inks to convey her sense of wonder of the natural world and the outstanding local environment Nichola’s practice includes ink paintings on wooden panels and frames as well as decorative ink collages.Warm sunshine, cloudy days and rainstorms evolve from working flat, often off her studio floor, Nichola says ‘I love my inks for their rich, sparkling colours and typically use a variety of means to brush, blob or splatter the colour onto my wooden panels.’



instagram: nichola.campbell

facebook: Nichola Campbell Art

twitter: Campbell.Nichola

pinterest: Nichola Campbell Artist

I am a Wildlife Artist working in Oil and Water colour. Having travelled extinsively throughout my life, a lot of my inspiration comes from observing wildlife in the wild. It is wildlife that inspires me the most now and I am hugely aware of the terrible problems these beautiful creatures are facing in the modern world. I hope that my work will go someway to bring thier beauty and fate to our attention.


01580 753438

+447850 388877

My paintings evolve from a combination of my love of the natural world and the excitement of experimenting with the process of painting by exploring and testing the nature and qualities of paint itself. I use mostly oil paint for its versatility and subtlety, sometimes ink for its ‘looseness’ and immediacy. I have had work selected for exhibition in the annual Society of Women Artists exhibition at the Mall galleries in London, the annual friends exhibition at the RWA in Bristol and the annual Free Painters and Sculptors exhibition at The Bargehouse on Londons southbank. 


intsagram:   suedavis6137



Joe Devanny is a freelance photographer based in West Sussex. His style is very much one of observation, aiming, in a canid way to find those moments and images that tell the story

Working predominately in black &white all images are hand printed on premium photorag paper. Each print is individually mounted and housed in a hand finished bespoke black ash frame

His work spans a variety of areas and events including the Goodwood Revival, the Tour de France, Goodwood Members Meeting and the legendary Mille Miglia, as well as specialised, bespoke commissions for individual clients

He has most recently undertaken commissions for Octane Magazine, Heritage Jaguar, Ecurrie Bertelli, The Vintage Sports Car Club, The Wilky Group, Themed Garages, Challengers Sporting Icons and the late John Surtees CBE


07929 001220

twitter: @joeDevanny

instagram: joedevanny

linkedin: Joe Devanny


In my recent show at  O N C A Gallery, Brighton in May this year entitled, ‘Movement Makes Marks’ https://onca.org.uk/event/movement-makes-marks/

I developed further ideas formulated from the work produced from my Masters Degree at the University of Brighton in Inclusive arts practice.

In this work I explored mark making, where I strapped etching plates to my body and etched the floor by laying prostrate and making certain movements.  This process was filmed and became part of the work entitled ‘Come and dance with me’.  In the film I invited participants to move with me.  After these encounters I went back into the studio and ‘responded’ to these encounters by attaching the etching plates to parts of my anatomy.  Thus my body became the tool in which I made the work, ‘The body’ being a recurring theme in my work.

Having worked in the Fashion industry for many years where the focus on ‘the body’ was the main subject, I became aware of the pressures of being a certain size and looking a certain way.  Working with famous fashion designers, photographers and models as a stylist, I decided to set up a successful retail company that ran for almost three decades called ‘Designer sales UK’ that sold samples and stock at hugely discounted prices that embraced Women and Men of size, age, ethnicity, gender and physical ability and was featured on Television and radio.

I have chosen art pieces from two bodies of work to exhibit at Different Art Fair.  Both are prints, the first, Giclee prints taken from paintings made from a series called, ‘Studies at Nyman’s gardens’.  This work was pivotal in my journey as an Artist and my first real exploration of painting as a medium.  I found a local art group and made a seminal painting called ‘Two girls in masks’ that was exhibited at the RA Summer show and chosen by Tracey Emin as her favourite painting in the small gallery, the Nyman’s series was made at the same time.

The second series are from my current work ‘Movement Makes Marks’.

I have chosen these two bodies of work because I felt they communicated well together, signify the beginning of my move back to my art journey and my current work and both show marks in different ways.


www. blogs.brighton.ac.uk/elainefostergandey

facebook: elaine.fostergandey

instagram: fostergandey  linkedin: elaine-foster-gandey

pintrest: efostergandey

07813 986999

Having spent my career as an Art Director in Advertising, I look at my subjects with a graphic eye. All my paintings are inspired by photographs I have taken both in the UK and abroad.

I paint in acrylics on board.


+44 7970 936 982

instagram: anniegrahamartist

Nick regularly exhibits his work at a number of leading galleries and Art Fairs around UK, including Whittington Fine Art, Henley, The Blackheath Gallery, London, Glyndebourne Opera Gallery and The Saffron Gallery, Battle. Selected shows include RBA, ROI, RWS, Originals and Singer Friedlander shows at the Mall Galleries, Chelsea Art Society and numerous Affordable Art Fairs. He was awarded The Jullian Barrow painting Prize at Chelsea Art Society 2018, and The Painting Prizes at the Pure Art Fair, Sussex, 2017 & 18. He has been commissioned for many private and corporate projects including for a number of Royal Caribbean Liners and a London Underground Poster. He has written articles for The Artist, and Artists and Illustrators Magazines and his work appears in a number of practical art books.

+ 44 732 362233  /  +44 7401 211482

facebook: Nick Hebditch Fine Art

twitter: @NickHebditch1

instagram: nickhebditch3464

Brett Neal (1962 – 2017) was a British artist who has been creating a diverse body of work for over 30 years. Notably, his achievement over the years include a host of portraits of the great and good. Overwhelmingly, the artist is known for his love of perfection and simplicity.

For many years starting in 1985, Brett moved between France and the US creating commissioned portraits in both oil and marble for esteemed patrons. He eventually opened a gallery and workshop in Vence, France with a large staff assiting him in the production and sales of his art. In 2006 Brett moved back to Asia, where he was born and raised.



07947 778907

Since my early teens, when I discovered the work of Juan Gris the Cubist, who made his still lifes with torn and cut segments of French newspapers and bits of frayed wine label, I have been fascinated by collage.

My earliest portraits were made with fragments of paper of one sort or another. Nowadays I still work with slivers from magazines, wrapping paper, newspaper, catalogues, packaging, junkmail – and in fact anything from the deluge of paper that fills our lives. I make commissioned portraits, still lifes, and more abstract pieces, using a variety of materials.

The materials I use are very much “found” or “lighted upon” in the spirit of Kurt Schwitters and the Surrealists. If there is any kind of philosophy behind what I do, it is the appeal of the idea that a still life or a landscape or something as formal and prescribed as a portrait, can be rendered with random pieces of printed paper – that a chaos of re-cycled scraps can be ordered to either represent something specific, or used more metaphorically, to evoke scenes, moods or ideas.

Although I live in Brixton, much of my work is inspired by the coastal landscape of North Cornwall where I go to paint, collage and relax.



Experimentation with different media is an important part of my ART practice and process. Contemporary paintings, prints and ceramics, influenced mainly by the natural world and environmental issues, are often accompanied by my poems. My work has been exhibited in
The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2013, 2016 and 2018.

After a Foundation Course at Maidstone Art School and Business Studies Diploma, Diana worked in London in the fashion, film and media business, before returning to Kent to run her own boutique and gallery in The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells. Later gaining a BA (Hons.) Fine Arts degree at WKC, University of Greenwich.

Athyrium Atelier


+44 01732 822392

facebook: Diana Poliak

instagram: dianapoliakart

linkedin: Diana Poliak

Having studied welding and fabrication at Mid Kent College, Ryan went on to study Blacksmithing and Engineering at Wheelwrights Engineering at Hadlow College and West Dean. Ryan has exhibited at The Mall galleries with The Royal Society of Marine Artists, The Royal Society of British Artists and was also selected for The David Shepherd Wildlife artist of the year 2017.Other exhibitions include The Strarta Art Fair at The Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea and Gallery Different in Fitzrovia.Further works shown at Ightham Mote with The Surrey Sculpture Society and at Godinton House.His work is inspired by Constructivist, Futurist and Cubist styles of composition as well as The Industrial Revolution and Machine Age.The latest series of Ryan’s work is motivated by Ancient Astronaut Theory.


facebook: Ryan Poliak

twitter: @ryanpoliak

instagram: #ryanpoliak

www. athyrium-atelier.co.uk

GUY PORTELLI VPRBA, ARBS – Born . South Africa 13th June 1957

Studied Interior Design and 3D Design at Medway College of Art 1974-78

I worked as a sculptor in the special effects dept for the BBC TV before setting up own studio in 1981, producing sculptures for the advertising market.

My first opportunity in the world of fine art sculpture was being commissioned to sculpt 13, 9ft classical sculptures for The London Pavilion, in Piccadilly Circus, London.

Having gained a reputation for Classical sculpture, I wanted to promote the more creative aspects of my work, and set about exhibiting my abstract sculptures in galleries, sculpture parks, Manchester Art House, Sausmarez Manor in Guernsey, and a major London show with Andrew Logan. Many large commissions followed.


01732 364708


Shelley’s printmaking practise focuses on quantum physics and the disposition of colour pigments as particles creating the illusion of solidity.

Award-winnig artist, trained under Michael Rothenstein RA, with work held in the British Museum Print & Drawing Collection.
His work is held in private and public collections and has been exhibited at theRoyal Academy Summer exhibition, Discerning Eye and Originals Print exhibtions at the Mall Galleries and the Hunting Art Prize at the Royal College of Art.


07876 653500

facebook: shelleyroseart

instagram: shelleyroseartist


Neal’s work tends to lean toward the surreal. He want’s to portray the image that he can see in his mind rather than reproduce the image that we all can see. “I want to view the image from a different perspective, a view of what could be or might be if we relax the need for exact reproduction.”



facebook: NealScraseContemporaryArt

 twitter: NealScrase

 instagram: nealscrase

linkedin: neal-scrase-agsa

07876 219406

Having painted and been fascinated by wildlife since childhood, when Keith first became a professional artist, he initially decided to concentrate on one subject and chose the oriental and beautifully ornamental fish, Nishikigoi (Koi) – for their power, grace and colour variations.

He has embraced the same work ethos that the most eminent Japanese Koi breeders use in nurturing their Champions:

Dedication, patience, detail, enthusiasm and passion.

These skills have enabled him to expand and experiment with his subject matter, fromOrchids to continue the Oriental theme of Koi, Tropical Marine fish and other Sealife inspired by his scuba diving experiences to Food Art, inspired by…..eating!

His love of colour, imagination and drawing has led him to writing, illustrating and self-publishing his own range of children’s picture books. His stories are based on things he cares about or has seen…from the rubbish in our oceans to “Jack” their old one-eyed (Pirate) cat!



facebook: Keith-Siddle-Artist-Illustrator

instagram: https://wwwkeith.siddle.artist

I am a contemporary mixed-media artist, working from my studio in the village of Warnham on the border of Surrey and West Sussex.

I started working as an artist full-time in 2010, completing my first series of witty three-dimensional boxed sculptures, entitled ‘The Drip Series’, early in 2011.

Each of my sculptures encapsulate a moment in time, involving the careful play of light with shadow, in which the focus of each piece is a seemingly simple, but dramatic, splash of colour.  All with my trademark touch of humour!

My work has been exhibited in galleries across the UK and at prestigious Art Fairs in the USA and Canada.

07801 704840


facebook: @lesleytaylorcontemporaryart


Mark is an award winning artist and designer who has created illustrations and artworks both commercially and for the public. He works in a variety of mediums and has pieces in public and private collections.

He revels in producing work that at its heart has a ‘Hero’. In his art the Hero is a theme, style, subject matter, idea or method that is the core of a collection. It is central to and defines the finished piece. It brings focus to a subject and creates a level of engagement that hopefully motivates us to create a personal connection.


+44 (0)1892 838110

Coming from a background in set design for television and teaching I am now relishing the freedom of creating work for myself. The surrounding natural environment is a continuing source of inspiration and I love to paint landscapes through the seasons, exploring changing light patterns and colours.

I mainly paint in oils.

I have exhibited in Kent, Sussex and London.


0771 9695792

instagram: @katiewhitbread