Stand Pricing

Revised pricing for the London Gallery Floorplan only

London Exhibition Floorplan
Stand or Panel ReferenceReservedPrice
S1 – W 3.8m x H 3mBrett Neal
S2 – W 2.73m x H 3m£409
S3 – W 2.27m x H 3mNichola Campbell
S4 – W 2.27m x H 3mCaroline Anderson
S5 – W 2.27m x H 3mClaudia Wiegand
S6 – W 3.58m x H 3mNeal Scrase
S7 – W 3.78m x H 3mGuy Portelli
S8 – W 2.19m c H 3mDiana & Ryan Poliak
S9 – W 4.34m x H 2.5m£651
S10 – W 3.97m x H 2.5mLesley Taylor
S11 – W 5.31m x H 2.5mChas Williams
S12 – W 1.29m x H 2.5mBethan Archer
S13 – W 2.54m x H 2.5mMark Welland / Shelley Rose
S14 – W 2.54m x H 2.5mKate Newington
S15- W 2.54m x H 2.5mAnnie Graham
S16 – W 2.54m x H 2.5mNicola Colbran
S17 – W 2.54m x H 2.5mLucy Ames
S18 – W 2.4m x H 2.6m£360
S19 – W 3.6m x H 2.6mSilvia Boev
S20 – W 1.2m x H 2.6mReserved
S21 – W 2.4m x H 2.6mAmanda Averillo
S22 – W 2.4m x H 2.6mJoe Devanny
S23 – W 2.4m x H 2.6mKeith Siddle
S24 – W 2.4m x H 2.6mSue Davis
S25 – W 2.4m x H 2.6mKatie Whitbread
S26 – W 2.4m x H 2.6mNick Hebditch
Z1 – 1.2m x 2.4m (2.88sqm)£420
Z2 – 1.2m x 4.34m (2.88sqm)£780

If you require a smaller space than listed please contact us to discuss your needs.

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